SIA Door Supervisor Course

Door Supervisor training allows an individual to work in the security industry as both a door supervisor and as a security guard. It is one of the most popular security training courses available.

You can choose to either pay in full now or pay a £50 deposit now and the remaining balance 7 days before the course starting date.

Duration: 5 days
Maximum Candidates: 12
Cost: £200

Who is the course for? 

The Door Supervisor Course is our most popular course for one simple reason - it gives candidates the best possible chance of securing a job. Did you know that a Door Supervisor can also work as a security guard? Door Supervisors can also work at licensed premises such as pubs, clubs, festivals and anywhere alcohol is being served. 




Course structure 

The Course is divided into 4 Units:

Unit 1 – Working within the Private Security Industry  (10 hours)

  • Module 1: The private security industry

  • Module 2: Legislation

  • Module 3: Health & safety

  • Module 4: Fire Procedures

  • Module 5: Emergencies

  • Module 6: Communication skills and customer service


Unit 2 – Working as a Door Supervisor within the Private Security Industry (12 hours)

  • Module 1: The role of a door supervisor 

  • Module 2: Civil and criminal laws

  • Module 3: Arrest

  • Module 4: Working on licensed premises

  • Module 5: Searching

  • Module 6: Drugs

  • Module 7: Emergency procedures

  • Module 8: 'recording incidents and crime scene preservation

Unit 3 – Conflict Management within the Private Security Industry (8 hours)

  • Module 1: The principles of conflict management

  • Module 2: Recognising, assessing and reducing risk

  • Module 3: Communication and de-escalation in emotive situations 

  • Module 4: Problem solving strategies

  • Module 5. Good practice following conflict


Unit 4 – Physical Intervention Skills within the Private Security Industry (12 hours)

  • Module 1: Understand physical interventions and the legal and professional implications of their use

  • Module 2: Understand how to reduce the risk of harm when physical intervention techniques are used

  • Module 3: Be able to use non-aggressive physical intervention techniques to protect yourself and others

  • Module 4: Be able to use non-pain related standing, holding & escorting techniques, including non-restrictive and restrictive techniques

  • Understand good practice to follow after the use of physical intervention techniques


Assessment method 


Units 1, 2 & 3 are assessed by means of multiple choice question papers (1 for each unit). Unit 1 consists of 40 questions, Unit 2 consists of 45 questions and Unit 3 consists of 20 questions. Unit 4 is assessed by means of a true/false scenario paper and practical assessment run by the instructor.


Entry requirements

Each candidate MUST produce ID in line with SIA guidelines. 

On completion of this course, you will have achieved a Level 2 Award in Door Supervision which will allow you to apply for a Door Supervisor SIA Licence.



Payment is required when submitting the booking.

You can choose to either pay in full now or pay a £50 deposit now and the remaining balance 7 days before the course starting date.


The Door Supervisor/Security Guarding SIA Level 2 Approved Training Courses costs £200 per person. Once payment is received, you will receive the Working as a Door Supervisor Course book', which covers all units before the course begins which greatly increasing your chance of successfully passing the first time.

You must complete some distance learning BEFORE you attend the first day of the course. Upon booking this course with us, you will be emailed all the course resources which you MUST study. You will need to sit and pass a 20 questions multiple-choice exam on the morning of the first day of your course to evidence that you have completed the mandatory distance learning.




Please note: 

There are very strict entry requirements, consequently, you must produce as proof of identity for the course and examinations your ID and photographs will be required on the first day of training.

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